First Call for Marie Sladowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships, Part of Horizon 2020, Due Sep. 11

Jennifer Ponting

The first call for the initial round of Marie Sladowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships (IF) under Horizon 2020 is due the 11th of September 2014. This fellowship was previous referred to as the Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship. Specific information about the call can be found here.

OSP is once again anticipating a high volume of interest for participation across the University. Please note that these fellowships are to be submitted through the President and Fellows of Harvard College and should not be linked to Harvard Global Research and Support Services, Inc. Please ensure that applications reference the Participation Identification Code (PIC) for the President and Fellows of Harvard College, which is 992204077. Please instruct your fellows to add your Pre-Award Contact as well as Harvard University's EU point of contact: Jennifer Ponting

The Global Individual Fellowship aims to enhance the creative and innovative potential of experienced researchers wishing to diversify their individual competence in terms of skill acquisition at multi- or interdisciplinary levels through advanced training and international and intersectoral mobility. Such Individual Fellowships are expected to add significantly to the development of the best and most promising researchers active in Europe in order to enhance and maximize their contribution to the knowledge-based economy and society, as well as strengthen the contact network of both the researcher and the Third Country partner organization (i.e. Harvard). 

The new scheme still has the same basic structure: funding salary for a European Researcher and a contribution to research-related costs during an initial outgoing phase of 1-2 years in a Third Country partner organization with a mandatory reintegration phase at the Researcher’s home institution. However, there are a few differences you should be aware of at the proposal stage. Unlike last year, the partner organization must include an up-to-date letter of commitment to host the Fellow to "demonstrate their real and active participation in the proposed action." This letter must be signed or co-sign with the Principal Investigator by a legal representative of the partner organization (either in OSP or the appropriate SPA Office).  If funded, Harvard is responsible for negotiating an acceptable partnership agreement, which flows down prime award terms from the EU, with the Researcher’s home institution.

For the purposes of tracking, and also to ensure that the applicant has the appropriate letter and approvals from both the Principal Investigator and the School or Department, OSP is requesting that a proposal be submitted into GMAS for each known Global IF. The Prime Sponsor should be the European Commission and the Sponsor should be the Researcher's Home Institution. At this time there is no need to submit a budget with the proposal.

Under the previous scheme, the primary issues with these fellowships were around the strict intellectual property terms. The updated terms are more broadly defined, and as a result we will not be requiring that the Researcher’s statement of work be sent to OSP/OTD for review prior to the submission of an application. However, Principal Investigators supporting the application of a fellow should be aware that IP negotiation with European Home Institutions and public access dissemination requirements may come up. Over the past three years, OSP has successfully negotiated terms and conditions consistent with the Harvard IP Policy, but because every home institution differs we cannot guarantee success.

If you receive any new inquiries about the Marie Sladowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowship Application, please begin to build a proposal for the IF in GMAS and provide the fellow with the information herein. Above all, explain that although the PI/Department may be interested in hosting such a fellow, this is the 1st year of this program, and Harvard cannot guarantee that we will be able to negotiate acceptable terms and conditions under the Marie Curie program in order to host the fellow as a Harvard visitor.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Ponting in OSP with any questions or concerns.