National Science Foundation Presents plans to Improve Oversight of Grants using Data Driven, Risk-based Methods

Cathy Breen

The National Science Foundation (NSF) presented their plans to improve oversight of grants using data driven, risk-based methods as a way to identify institutions that may not be using federal funds properly and also to discover questionable expenditures. NSF plans to use their own internal resources for getting at this data plus some external websites and, of course, recipient financial systems and other records (general ledger, effort reports, equipment and property records, travel and purchase cards, subrecipient monitoring).

Please see the attached slides from recent webinar: "Grant Oversight Using Data Analytics: Perspectives for Grant Auditing and University Oversight."
This presentation covered approaches used by the National Science Foundation Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the Georgia Institute of Technology for university grant oversight.  Universities can enhance program and financial oversight of grants by using automated techniques to save time and to extend their overview of program execution. 
Speakers at this webinar were:
Dr. Brett M. Baker, CPA, CISA
  Assistant Inspector General for Audit, National Science Foundation
Laura Koren, CPA, CFF
   Director, Compliance Analytics, National Science Foundation OIG
Phillip Hurd, CISSP, CISA
   Director, Department of Internal Auditing, Georgia Institute of Technology
With Introductory Remarks by 
Allison Lerner
  Inspector General, National Science Foundation